Tokyo Omiyage: Karin Coron Wasabi Mame

Spring is in full effect here in NY now.  Most of the flowering trees are shedding their blossoms.  And thanks to a healthy breeze, today was a doozy for allergies.  Ahchoo.  I decided to hibernate inside hoping to avoid the onslaught, despite it being simply gorgeous outside.  After a bout of post-vacation laundry (finally got through it all) decided it was time for a cocktail and a snack.  So I dipped into my stash of Tokyo omiyage.

Karin Coron

Karin Coron is located at the end of the arcade and on the cross street just before the Hozomon, the last gate, approaching Sensoji temple in Asakusa.  They specialize in traditional karinto and bean snacks.  And if you are looking for a great treat and are in need of omiyage, gifts to bring back from your vacation, then do not miss stopping by this shop.

karin coron wasabi beans

I picked up three packages to try a sample of their different goods.  Today’s selection was wasabi mame (beans.)  They are so delicious.  Just enough wasabi to give them punch.  A perfect crunch; not to hard not to soft.  And a hint of nori gives them flair.

What originally drew me into their shop was their packaging.  The paper used to wrap each snack bag is a gift in itself.  I plan to iron out the folds and perhaps frame them.  Such beautiful designs.

karin coron packaging design

omiyage from asakusa tokyo

Karin Coron is officially added to my “I’ll be back” list for Tokyo.  You can learn more on their website and here is the street view from Google maps if you plan to visit.