Project: Deer Antler Twin Tail Hair Bows

lolita antler themed headdress diy project

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s fawn fur cape has been patiently waiting in the wardrobe for its day to come.  For some reason the just-right coordinate to pair it with has been elusive.  Not anymore.  At Walmart, of all places, I had an epiphany.  They had a collection of Christmas Ornaments that caught the corner of my eye I was racing through the store to pick up things for the new house.  Upon closer inspection, a rustic set of miniature antlers tied together with some raffia cord screamed out – buy me now! And at $1.97 why not.

By luck, some cream velvet fabric just happened to be in the recently unpacked monster pile of fabric occupying the sewing studio. Mix in some lace and pearls and maybe just maybe this could work, I thought to myself.  So from Mood Board to My DIY – its time to try out the antler trend.

step 1 make your fabric pattern and stitch the pieces together

To keep things harmonious, I decided to match the shape and style of the bow from the cape.   It took a moment to realize how the bow’s specific shape was made.  The bottom layer is a trapezoid while the top section is a simple rectangle.  This small addition of fabric gives the tail of the ribbon a curved look when finished.  Opted to add in one extra layer of lace however for good measure.

step 2 trim corners flip and close

To be honest my perfectionist roots are showing on this step.  I wanted to maximize the volume of the lace, which is very thin, so instead of just gathering and basting it to the fabric before sewing the edges I choose a more scenic route.  The lace is sandwiched into the fabric but only at the corners.  This gives them a professional and clean finish when the fabric is flipped to the right side.  I then hand gathered and stitched it to the bows edge working from the corner to the middle.  The center will be covered so the raw edge of the lace will not be visible.  Yes this took more time than necessary but it make me happy in the end.

step 3 gather and secure the bow

The velvet fabric is a bit thick, so for stability I tied the two main pieces together before wrapping the small strap around the middle.  This also made it easier to get the shape of the folds just so.  Normally I fold the fabric, stitch along the edge and flip the center strip. Instead, to reduce the bulk, on this DIY project I simply tucked under the edges and gave them a running stitch to keep them nice and neat.  The serged edge made a nice measurement for how far to fold under each side.

step 4 place and attach antler

Originally the little jingle bells were attached to the wire in the middle of each antler.  I snipped the wire with clippers and removed the bells.  Then, using jewelers pliers, I twisted each half of the wire into loops.  The loops are just big enough to sew through and secure the antler in place.  The biggest challenge is that they are both the same antler – kinda like having two left feet.  So when positioning them I had to determine what angles gave each a balanced look.

repeat all steps for second hair bow


step 5 attach pearls and bells

Its usually at this stage in a project when I can hardly contain myself.  Adding the icing to the cake is what always makes it pop.  In this case the icing is a few strands of pearls, the re-purposed jingle bells, and some small rosebuds.  The BTSSB cape’s ribbon had gold chain, but I only had silver in my bead collection.

step 6 add clip and roses

Usually I am lazy and hot glue the clip on.  However, the weight of the antler made me second guess stability.  So I choose to sew the clip on.  Even if over time the string should happen to break (which I doubt) it can be re-sewn, but glue on top of glue is just messy.  Speaking of glue, a few dabs were placed strategically here and there to the antler to further stabilize the piece.  The wire sewn earlier carries the weight while the glue ensures the antler doesn’t jiggle around.  A few more dabs of hot glue were used to place three rose buds and hide the wire.  This is the only pop of color on the otherwise neutral base.

lolita deer and roses hair bowsAnd here is the result!!  I can’t wait to try them out!  Will be meeting some friends later today at the Cloisters and I hope they like them as much as I do.  We shale see.

deer inpired winter lolita coordinate