Snow in the Morning

trees covered in snow during winter


Woke up this morning to a beautiful winter scene.  We’ve been lucky to have several nights lately, where the snow falls while we sleep.  And when the sun comes up it looks as if everything has been sprinkled with a covering of powdered sugar.

Credits: Photo is a collage of snaps taken from my bedroom window; the fan base was altered from an image found here.

Snowboarding the Catskill Mountains

snowboarding in the catskills

With all the snow Nemo left us, me and about everyone else within a 3 hour driving radus of the Catskills landed at Hunter Mountain on Sunday.  With a foot of new powder how could one resist.  The lines were insane, but we got a few runs in.

driving in nyLook at them clouds.

I think half the fun of the day was the drive. Seeing everything all covered in snow and ice was spectacular.  My friend and I even spotted two, yes count em two, rainbows!  My trusty iPad wasn’t exactly up to the challenge of capturing those unfortunately.

ice on the roadMother Nature’s ice sculptures as we make our approach.
hunter mountainHunter Mountain comes into view.
Credits: Illustration is a compilation from Poupee Girl.