Mood Board: Yoke Style Dresses

Yoke style dresses are an all time fave of mine.  There are an infinite number of variations that can be designed using a yoke.  I lean towards the pleated flowing style especially.  It is not by today’s standards the most fashionable.  Mostly because this style doesn’t emphasize a girl’s curves.  But I think fashion is more than showing off an itty bitty waistline.  And you can make a very high style statement that also allows for comfort in my opinion.

emily temple cute cutsew one piece

Its no secret that I have an obsession with the brand Emily Temple cute.  But their sizes are not compatible with my figure sadly.  Now that I feel my sewing skills have improved enough that I am not embarrassed to wear my own work in public, ETC has become my main muse.  I was pleased when I came across this blue cutsew one piece on Tumblr.  It shares a similar profile to my recent dress.

nile perch cutsew miss angela illustration

Nile Perch is a recent addiction of mine.  Being able to see their pieces up-close when I was in Tokyo started a whole new love affair.  I adore the star pockets on the dress above.  So you might see that show up on something I make in the near future.  A trip to the garment district is on my list in order to find solid pastel color jersey in 100% cotton.  Might be a tall order but I am optimistic.

This illustration by Miss Angela, a fellow sewer and pastel lover,  has been saved on my computer for sometime.  When browsing for inspiration I came across it again and was pleased to see a couple yoke styles included.

yuko higuchi art cats in dresses

Illustrations are such a great source of inspiration.  The work of Yuko Higuchi is cute and magical but also has a certain edge to it.  The technique she uses for the black and white drawings matched with solid backgrounds are so impactful.  I admit I have a little something for anthropomorphism – animals given human qualities, but specifically I like seeing animal heads on people bodies {I know, weird right?}.

angelic pretty pink one piece red valentino fall 2013

And I can’t leave out Angelic Pretty from the yoke scene.  Fantastic Dot, Wrapping Ribbon, Sugar Doll, and Petit Patisserie to name a few come to mind.  My first love is the cute-style Japanese brands but the luxury brand Red Valentino also always comes through with the sweets.  While Japanese brands are a size issue, Red is a price issue.  But it is free to browse, so I regularly visit their site for inspiration. In just the past couple of days they too released a yoke style dress!  Such timing.

Next Time

It was raining all Labor Day weekend, so I tucked myself away again and sewed to my heart’s content.  Will post a T-shirt next time that is a sister piece to the yoke style dress.  Stay tuned.