Time to Have a Wonder Party

angelic pretty wonder party jsk and otk

Whoops!  I totally blew my budget this month.  And my budget all went to Angelic Pretty.  It started with buying little Milky-chan and now I splurged on the re-release of Wonder Party.  I seriously need to focus on buying work clothes, but then along comes the latest update of AP’s site, and bam – my credit card is whipped out and a order confirmation is in my inbox.

I picked up the JSK version of Wonder Party in black, added the matching over the knee socks, and for giggles, added the Sweet Cream Biscuit necklace in pink.  This is a bit of a gamble.  Goodness knows I have complained {obsessively} about how out of reach AP is for me {how dare I be a tall, size 8 American}.  But this JSK is fully shirred in the back so my fingers are crossed that it will fit me {and not be too short}!!!

wonder party sweet cream biscuit necklace

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