After visiting Tsukiji we came back to the apato to freshen up.  Then were off again to meet Asumi in Harajuku for a some fun before dinner.

takeshita dori harajuku tokyo

Adi was smart and his first stop was Starbuck’s across from the Takeshita-Dori arch… must be well caffeinated to face the crazy crowd. Also, doesn’t he look smart in his Yohji Yamamoto jacket! He got it in Paris, wears it in NY, and now it has come home for a visit.

harajuku wonder rocket

For me this was a stealth mission to get a feel for where to shop when I return later in the week.  Having Asumi as a guide was awesome and it meant we could do purikura with someone who (is a pro and) can read all the instructions.

harajuku purikura

I want to save my money for BTSSB and AP… but could have easily gone crazy in Smile Camp.  It is like being wrapped in a rainbow.  So cute!!!!!!!!

smile camp harajuku fashion

I bought a cloth chain necklace from the new Kate Spade Saturday. There were several dresses also that caught my attention. I had fun chatting with the shop girl.  She said that it won’t be until next year that more locations of this hip new shop open up in other cities.

tokyo kate spade saturday

Someday, just someday, I might actually grow up.  But here I am, 40 years old, and still madly in love with crazy colors and loud fashion.  So on that note, here is the rest of the photospam from our walk down Takeshita-dori and around Ura-Harajuku.

clam shell salopette short pants

black and white cherry coordinate

thrift finds in harajuku

gross design sweatshirts harajuku

And if you can believe it, there is still more to Day 3…