Tokyo Day 3: Tsukiji Part 1

We meet Asumi and her mom and went to explore Tsukiji market.  First order of business was for Adi to find and purchase his very own yanagi knife.  He did all his research before coming and so it was just a matter of finding the Masamoto stand.  With Asumi and her mom’s help it was so easy.  They were able to translate and help us navigate around.  They are so sweet!

More about the knives later, the next mission was breakfast!!!  Must find some sushi!!!

Tsukiji Market

fish shapped dori yaki bean pancakes

cute towel wrappers to protect fresh apples

tsukiji inari shrine lanterns

tsukiji market sushi chef makes breakfast

tsukiji fresh sushi

squid sushi in tsukiji

sushi bar tsukiji market

adi, asumi, and sheri sushi adventure

sushi restaurant kanji logoIt’s all smiles after a yummy breakfast.  Wish I could read the kanji, love the restaurant.  Not only was the sushi amazing, the tea was some of the best I have ever had.  The O’baa-chan was very very proud of her tea.

Too many photos for one post (hehehe).  To be continued…



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