40 x Tokyo

T-minus 30 days and counting.  Today’s birthday trip wish is to take a stroll in …

Asakusa (浅草)

It’s time to get my fill of temples and shrines.  As much as I adore the modern Tokyo, I equally enjoy the historic Edo.  And a trip to Asakusa will deliver on both as Skytree is just a hop skip and a jump across the river from Sensoji Otera.

asakusa temples and shrines

Oh my goodness, so much to see and do in Asakusa.

  • Sensoji Temple (including Kaminarimon & Nakamise Shopping Street) – street food and tourist trinkets.  Sounds like fun!  Can’t wait to see Fūjin and Raijin up close.
  • Asakusa Shrine – While the temple seems to take center stage, it is the shrine that paid the original homage to the legendary fishermen who’s net pulled Kannon from the river.
  • Skytree – You have to visit their website and just scroll slowly.  So much fun watching the star character fly through the air and highlight the different sections of the tower.  For me this stop is going to be a love-hate relationship.  I am thrilled to get such a spectacular view of Tokyo… but I am deathly afraid of heights (O_O;)
  • Kappabashi Dougu Street – this stop is for my travel buddy, it’s a half-mile extravaganza with over 170 shops devoted to kitchen implements.  Hopeful this will make up for the overdose of temple and shrine in the trip plan.

Links:  Taito City Culture Guide

my new nikon 1 v2

New Toy

On a separate but related note, I just purchased a new camera for the trip.  It’s been since college that I had a proper camera.  I am so excited to try out my Nikon 1 mirrorless V2!  Hope I figure out all the settings and goodies in time to take some great photos on the trip.

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