40 x Tokyo

Today I begin my official countdown.  40 days from now my best friend and I will depart for our very first ever visit to Japan.  If you know even a little bit about me, then you know that I’m obsessed with Japanese culture.  This trip is super special as I will also be celebrating a milestone birthday while there.  Yep, I am officially turning 40. Wow! I couldn’t imagine anywhere more perfect than Tokyo to spend my special day.

If work and life don’t throw me any curve balls, between now and the time I depart I hope to document 40 things I hope to see and do during the trip.  Are you ready? いきましょう {let’s go.}

Ebisu (恵比寿)

The first priority will be getting Life’s Sweet Essentials in order:  Money – Am assuming that we will convert some currency before we go and/or use the exchange tellers at Narita airport. Shelter – Should be interesting the first time trying to navigate the trains from the airport and find the apartment.  Food – where shall we eat?  With a health dose of jetlag on day 1 we will want to fill our bellies with comfort food.

ebisu tokyo trip planning

  1. Ebisu Train Station – this is the anchor for the trip, the transportation hub from which all points of our adventure will begin.  This is because our apartment is located here in the Ebisu neighborhood of Shibuya.
  2. Home Away From Home – Airbnb.com is my new favorite for vacations.  I know a lot of people like the amenities of hotels, but I much prefer to have creature comforts like a kitchen or a washer and dryer.  Much more useful for a 2 week trip versus someone swapping out towels every morning.  Which means we can also save money by making breakfast ourselves instead of always having to eat out.
  3. Kaigan Izakaya – this drinking establishment has caught my attention. And I must confess, not just their reputation, but their English menus will be a welcome treat until our limited kanji skills are ready to be put to test.
  4. Getting Around – maps, maps, maps.  Google don’t let me down.  I need the “you are here” guidepost.
  5. Beer Museum – the Ebisu neighborhood grew up around the Japan Beer Brewery Company which we all know today as Sapporo Breweries.  The name Ebisu comes from one of the Japanese Seven Gods of Fortune, the God of Fishing, and can be found on the Sapporo brew that not-by-accident shares the neighborhood’s name. I’m not particularly interested in visiting the museum but might have to take an obligatory photo opp with the huge beer cans out front.
  6. Mobile Internet – In order to power Mr. Google Maps means we need WiFi!  Enough said.

Now if I can just figure out where a good grocery store is in Ebisu! Any recommendations?