japanese seifuku school uniform trend

I am way late to this trend and honestly never expected to be swayed by it. But Japanese School Girl style and seifuku (uniforms) are seeping into my consciousness. More and more schools in Japan are moving away from uniforms and that seems to be helping boost their popularity more than ever. There are so many different ways to personalize this style – from gal to fairy kei. I might be boring but I like just the traditional look. What I call the “after class transformation” style. Imagine the bell rings and it’s time to hit Harajuku for a crepe with your mates. What can you change to mix it up without spending hours preening? Put your belt to good use and hike up your skirt, from your bag you pull out a few badges to pin to your cardigan or blazer, instead of loafers maybe mix in playful shoes, and for the cherry on top plop something cute into a simple twin tail hair style.

too cool for school in japanese uniforms

I will warn you. It isn’t a great idea during lunch, at work, to type in seifuku in Google. I love anime but dang a lotta panty shots came back in my query and didn’t want to look like a perv. Actually that is the hardest part of this fashion style for me to feel comfortable trying it myself. I am not modest, ok, well maybe a little. But I really don’t like super short skirts. Yeah, in my 20’s the shorter I could find them the better. But at this stage in my life I am so over it. Not to mention I don’t want to be plopping down on the subway or in a movie theater and having my bum touching the gross seat. Anyway, I digress.

seifuku uniform styles

My favorite part of seifuku fashion is how easy it is to pull together with a range of budgets and using offbrand pieces. I am convinced a low budget top notch coordinate is achievable. If you want the real deal than the #1 place for uniforms is CONOMi. You name it, they have it. And its good quality. You might need a shopping service to use their site directly but I have seen their items pop up on other shops with international shipping. Lawrara Shop is another popular choice but their prices are steep. Bodyline is another option but not my favorite as their quality is questionable.

Lands’ End School Uniforms

lands end school uniform

Tie  |  Blouse  |  Cardigan  |  Skirt

If you have a good eye then you can use everyday items to pull together a plausible seifuku look. If you are not ready to invest in international shipping and want to try something closer to home, believe it or not, Lands’ End has good base pieces you can start with. I recently fell in love with their cotton peter pan collar blouses. What I didn’t expect was finding something cute on their site in the first place, nor that I would spend so much time in their school uniform category. I didn’t even know it existed. But the best thing about it is they have most of their school uniform items in adult sizes!! So no matter what shape or size you are – you have choices. While they have ties that match their skirts, you won’t find the uber cute Japanese-style ribbons. So I do recommend using a Japanese or Korean source for ribbons to get that authentic look.

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