This does seem to be a month of firsts. Tried out ice skating last week and for today… my first attempt at a gothic lolita look. A gaggle of girls are getting together to see the Death Becomes Her at the Met. The exhibit includes 30 some odd coordinates representing mourning fashion of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Well, the NYC comm has been all a buzz about it and there have been several small meets already. The big challenge for me is how to look the part.

What to wear?

ways to coordinate alice and the pirates funeral procession of rose aria blooming in the twilight

I’ll admit already that my code is not going to be pure gothic. Its too far of a stretch for me since my starting point is sweet. I opened my closet the minute the meet was announced and had that oh crap moment. Hello sea of pastel. The plan is to ease my way in with a blend of both worlds. I really don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb when we are all together but also want to be true to myself.

So back to what to wear? How about Alice and the Pirates? Oh yes!! Disclaimer – I didn’t just buy the Funeral Procession dress just for this event. I have been eyeballing this beauty since its release. I totally dig it. Originally I was pulled towards the dark lavender color but then I picked up Enchantlic Enchantilly’s Castle in the Rose Garden scarf at RuffleCon and swayed to the red colorway. The lace on the scarf is an exact match for the lace on the dress.

enchantlic enchantilly the castle in the rose garden scarf in ivory

Originally I was thinking to pair the look with a black blouse but (a) the one I have totally doesn’t look right with the dress and (b) cream seams to pull out the subtle color of the flowers on the print and goes well with the scarf. So I am rolling with it.

But don’t let my mood board fool you. I got the dress on Monday and, in the second oh crap moment for this event, have had to totally reconstruct it. That adorable little princess bodice, yeah, real women’s boobs are not fitting in there – EVER. So I made some very brave alterations to the dress. I still need to take it in a little after the event since I simply ran out of time but am digging the fact that my version of the dress is uniquely original now. Fingers crossed I didn’t totally muck it up. Will try and get photos later to show the before and after.

So before I sign off had to say that this is really flooding me with memories of my youth and goth nights at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit. Not that I was “goth” back then either, but we did have a group who liked to take a break from all the techno we filled ourselves with for a departure into Siouxsie, Sisters of Mercy and some yeah, Robert Smith. As crazy and dangerous as those days were – oh was it so much fun. Ah, back in the day…