What started out as a “hey anyone want to get ice cream” turned into “cute forest animals lolita ice skating” meet!!  ̄(=⌒・⌒=) ̄

lolitas on ice skating lolita meet in nj

It was both Adi and my first time ever ice skating!!! And you have no idea how completely bizarre that is coming from a girl who spent a majority of her youth in Canada!! Lucky for me years and years of roller skating in the 70s and 80s and rollerblading in the 90s did help me get into the swing of things pretty quick. Adi struggled a bit more but managed to stick with it only falling once.

The people at the rink had no idea what happened when all of a sudden a gaggle of frill folk made their way onto the ice. Surprisingly not too many crazy comments but a few folks genuinely curious and wanting to know what was going on. I did get a first, “are you Hansel & Gretel?” An interesting departure from the typical Little Bo Peep – and what I guess comes to mind when your a couple and both now into the fashion.

meno harajuku mori girl lolita coordinate

I was so excited to finally wear my coordinate from Meno. I picked up a mori top and skirt in Harajuku in the spring… so this is a long overdue experiment to mix mori girl style with lolita. I was surprised that not many in the group had heard of Meno. I hold their shop right up there with Grimoire. I hope to go back and get a longer skirt to go with my code. Well and maybe something for my hair. If I didn’t already invest so heavily in lolita I could really go deep down the mori girl rabbit hole.