As girls go, I am definitely very independent – a tough New Yorker.  But I am also infatuated with girly cute things  (lace, ruffles, bows, ribbons…)  Case in point, I got my Black Belt in the Bronx and, well, my sparring gear was pink.  I am sure Bennett Sensei still rolls his eyes every now and then thinking about my pink punchies.

For all those gals out there who are also strong but sweet, this Autumn Valentino has delivered.  I am completely and totally in love with the season’s Red Valentino line.

Red Valentino Autumn 2011

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There is a little something for everyone.  There are T-shirts with screen-print bows and polka dot tulle for a casual look, ruffled military jackets for a day at the office, as well as lace and tweed dresses for an evening out.  And if you want to overdose on cute: add a sweet pair of ballet flats, leather ribbon belt, and pink bow tote to top it off.

Even the  “themes” for the collection are lovely:

  • Tailored Bow
  • Fairy Military
  • Romantic Outerwear
  • All Over Bow
  • Sweetly Sweatshirts

DIY Valentino T-shirt

For those on a budget and who are endowed with some basic sewing skills, I spy a DIY opportunity.  Try your hand at replicating the hooded sweatshirt.  Purchase a standard issue gray hoodie and pick up some black dot tulle online and embellish away.  Or go for the classic white T-Shirt plus’d up with more tulle and some twill tape ribbon.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri