Work springed a bit of a surprise on me this week; one both welcome and troubling. It appears I will be attending a black tie event in about a week’s time. Lovely. But classic problem… I’ve nothing to wear. I have plenty a pretty lace jumperskirt but nothing that says black tie in my lolita arsenal. The timing of it all is also a challenge. My bank account is still #rufflerekt this side of RuffleCon. So I need to be extremely thrifty to solve this dilemma. Never fear, Etsy to the rescue.

putting together a black tie gown coordinate on a tight budget

My charming team at work snuck into a conference room today for a quick vote on accessories to complete the look. The only piece that we decided on that is not vintage is the wedge heels. I am a huge advocate of vintage and recycling clothing in today’s catastrophic fast-fashion era… except I am a bit squeamish about used shoes. So we selected these darling peep-toes on Zappos. Aren’t those bows so cute! Bonus prize: the outfit came together under budget so I can also pick up a steamer from Bed, Bath and Beyond in case I have to work out any wrinkles after the gown has a good cleaning.

sparkle roses

Separately, you might have noticed I have been absent from blogging for, well, far too long. I’ll gush about it in greater detail another day. Its all good news. For now I am just trying to shake off the cobwebs and get my muscles going once again.