Wa Lolita Yukata Pattern

Good news.  My Bodyline package arrived today.  Which gives me plenty of time before the summer festival to make my wa lolita yukata.  Despite the unbearable heat, I went straight to work today making the pattern.  (Seriously Mother Nature, enough with the 100 degree temperature.)

wa lolita yukata pattern ruboff method

Using a technique called a “rub off” I deconstructed the Bodyline dress into its pattern pieces.  Basically a rub off pattern is when you follow the lines of a garment using paper and pins to reverse engineer the pattern from the finished piece.  This particular dress is comprised of 5 main pieces for the top.  I didn’t follow the traditional rub off method as the shapes on this dress were very basic and were easy to follow using muslin, some pins and a pencil while the garment was turned inside out.

The skirt is a basic lolita cupcake shape for which I don’t need a pattern.  A large rectangle, some gathered fabric for a ruffle and some elastic will do nicely.

But all of this will have to wait now until next weekend.  Popping off tomorrow on a short business trip.  I lose a weekend day of creativity, but c’est la vie.  Work pays for my happy-go-lucky lifestyle!

Update check out the result using the pattern.
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6 Responses to Wa Lolita Yukata Pattern

  1. Lydia says:

    Help! For the most part I’m good with visual instructions but the bodice piece of pattern 5072 the two way yukata is confusing? I can send pic message. How many do I cut and where does the seams go?

  2. Pearlie says:

    Argh! I have been wanting to make this for months but got no idea where or how to start. Is it possible to ask for some help when I do try?

  3. annie says:

    Hi ive been trying to make this and I also have no clue on where to start if you’re not to busy could you help me out :) also how much fabric should I get thanks

    • Sheri says:

      Hi Annie – I can try over the weekend to measure it out for you. I used traditional Japanese fabric which is much thinner width than normal fabric so having a hard time guessing yardage from the top of my head :)

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