ap jsk international lolita day

Had the most spectacular time at the 2012 Winter International Lolita Day – NYC Tea Party! Was so excited for the first time ever to kick it in Angelic Pretty.  As I expected the JSK is short.  And while the girls were very polite, by the end of the night I noticed that my petticoat keep peeping out despite many attempts to hoist it up and my dress down.  Yes I am a derp!

ny lolita tea party

Met so many new people.  The NY group is so much fun.  I was really impressed at how each girl has their own unique spin on the fashion.  Unlike the brand-centric tea parties I have attended, this party was one where everyone really got so show off how they have made Lolita their own.

ny winter ild 2012

From champagne to scones, tea sandwiches to butternut squash tarts – the food at Lady Mendl’s was really yummy.  I wish I had the chance to talk to more of the guests, but the 4 hours went by so fast and were jam packed.  Can’t wait for the next meet up to get to know everyone better.